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Welcome to "Dee the Business"

"Dee the Business" is a wee book I was asked to write a few years ago, which has led to some other (occasional) Doric ramblings since then.  Some of these are related to business and IT management (as was the book) and others may have a less obvious derivation (jist blethers, some fowk micht say...)

Doric is the dialect of the North East of Scotland, spoken by the farming and fishing communities (and occasionally by locals when they want to make it difficult for visitors to understand what they are saying).


"Anither Language"

Author software from Mandos allows customisation of the terminology used in printed and published output.  To illustrate this, I issued a press release in Doric and, as a result of press coverage at the time, I was asked to write Dee the Business, a tongue in cheek explanation of business concepts and IT terms - also in Doric.

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A Serious Purpose
Managers can take themselves too seriously, and sometimes fail to make themselves clear to others. This can be demotivating, even dangerous, depending on the process in question.

Our 'translation' may just possibly help to make some of the concepts more understandable. 'Inaboot-comers' unfamiliar with the Doric language needn't worry - we include a plain English translation.

As a result of the book, I was asked to produce a Doric version of the Lord's Prayer - see ***MORE***.

Dee the Business extracts...
Quality: Fit wye a thingie's fit for fit it's supposed tae fit
Business risk: Onythin that can mak an erse o fit ye're tryin tae dee
Project Completion Checklist: Ticketyboo tick list

;-) (Doric emoticon) Eye aye, min!


Project Stages
The software also caters for up to 10 project completion stages (from "not yet started" to "complete"). 

The following might be the stages reported by a project manager from the North-East of Scotland (where we tend to understate our achievements):
0 We're nae yokit yet
1 Jist thinkin aboot it
2 A pucklie deen
3 A thochtie mair
4 Gaan oan
5 Caain awa
6 Aye knypin oan
7 Fair tae middlin
8 Weerin awa
9 Jist aboot deen
10 We're lowsed noo.

Or by a less-than-successful colleague:

0 Haud me back!
1 We're aff!
2 Div ye aa ken fit ye're tae dee?
3 Fit a palaver - jist git oan wi't
4 We'll sort oot aa the bumf in a filie
5 Fa telt ye tae dee it at wye, min?
6 The foons is a bit shooglie - haud oan mair sand
7 Ach, it's aa a richt guddle
8 Aathin's gaed heelstergowdie
9 Losh, min, fit wye did aat happen?
10 It wisnae me!


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